Birthday party invitation poem 13 August 2010

I would love to sit in silence with you in the dark
Fill the room with scrunched up paper and and listen to the sound
Sing from our guts into the night
Scottish folk songs, spirituals, punk rock pop songs
Drink a drop of wine in a cupboard
Listen to whispers beneath the floorboards
Squeeze oranges over our heads
Mosh to Dead Kennedies splitting our ears
Sit on fresh cotton pedicuring nails
Plate smashing, lipstick sniffing, honey dripping, skirts ripping, crate stacking, parma violet kissing
old candle wax
Gaze into the fire huddled in blankets telling stories of disappointment, longing and loss
Have a little dance why not, have a cup of tea
Together, together, together
Tell me a joke
Nonsense sense no sense incessant sense sleaziness scummy guts, guts out
Cloud lining lung clinging
Or you know just hang out
Bring what you would like to see
Wear whatever turns you on
Expect nothing