I am engaged in the practice of improvisation both as a process for generating material, a performance technique and as a way of being in the world which fosters a continual sense of wonder, surprise, play and freshness.

I am also interested in the route meaning of the word which is 'to be taken by surprise' so it is not about making things up on the spot, more a bout how what is happening comes about.

08.08.Kathleen Downie Small from Kathleen Downie on Vimeo.

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A38 Improvised Performance at In the Flesh Barbican Plymouth

The Practice Group

The Practice Group is an independent group of experienced movement improvisation artists from Bristol and across the South West. It was instigated and set-up in January 2012 at DanceSpace in Bristol by Lisa May Thomas and is co-ordinated by Kathleen Downie and Lisa May Thomas.

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