I called this project an Art Life and Situation Specific project.

I worked on it over 3 years and created 5 different chapters, which related to five different houses I lived in over this time. The last chapter was performed at Area 10 Peckham, London in 2003

The project came out of my struggle to continue to make work when I graduated from Art school whilst faced with the mundane realities of every day existence. Finding a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, enjoyment, connection...

I was using the metaphor of a package to look at how we construct our lives. The different elements in our lives being like the different elements in some kind of commercial package.

The performance included a text documenting the date, time frame and location of my home, what I was doing for work, love, clothing, food and any other concerns at that time and place.

It also included some kind of live presence and some kind of installation made out of things I had found in that location and waste packaging I had accumulated through my consumption.