Audience feedback video and photographs from Pitch work in progress performance platform Summerhall Edinburgh February 2013
Curated by Conflux, the national development agency for physical performance in Scotland.

"For me it was a beautiful analogy of the path, which one’s life takes. Starting from birth, going through fluent childhood (swimming with the flow) and then growing to moments when you develop, but get stuck, angry or lost as well. As you do when you’re a grown-up"

Kathleen-PITCH January 2013 from Kathleen Downie on Vimeo.

"Sheet is beautiful. Rope is comedic. They aren’t the same, but more adult and adolescent of one world"

"Dreamlike and aspirational"
"Very playful discussion, backwards time, moving backwards"
"Contrast between voice & fabric is good – repetition & clarity becoming clearer. Playfulness of rope. Childlike quality. Realness of weight & physical properties of materials. Fabric creates structure & form – transforms perception of the body. Changes the scale of body. Sculptural. Real body seems vulnerable when first revealed"
"Liked the shoulder/arm shapes at beginning and catching-tangling with rope"

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